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Grants Available Through LeadingAge Innovations Fund

Grants Available Through LeadingAge Innovations Fund

The LeadingAge Innovations Fund is designed to catalyze innovation among our members to develop programs that have the potential for demonstrable impact on residents, clients, families, employees or the broader community and have the potential for replication. Grants from the Innovations Fund are made possible through the generosity of LeadingAge members and a $50,000 matching grant from the NewCourtland Foundation which doubled the size of the Innovations Fund to $100,000 in this round of funding. 
Published On: Aug 01, 2012

New Courtland LogoAn affiliate of NewCourtland, a leading, non-profit provider of community services, housing, a nursing home, education and workforce development and LeadingAge member headquartered in Philadelphia, The NewCourtland Foundation supports not-for-profit organizations that have a stated mission of providing housing and/or programming to low-income seniors. The Foundation’s commitment will also extend to train and educate personnel who work, or wish someday to work, in support of those seniors. 
At the present time, funding activities of the NewCourtland Foundation are restricted to the joint venture with LeadingAge. 

The NewCourtland Foundation will work jointly with LeadingAge to administer the grants which will be awarded in increments of up to $25,000 in the first year. Multi-year proposals will be considered. 
The LeadingAge Board of Directors has designated the inaugural grant awards to projects that address the critical importance of bringing housing and services together to meet with the needs of lower income elderly to age safely in place. 
It is our hope that, by showing promising practices through projects funded by the Innovation Fund, we will influence both policy and practice in years to come.

Any LeadingAge member is eligible to apply.

Funding areas

We are seeking proposals that address one or several of the following dimensions of housing with services, with examples of areas of possible emphasis noted:
  • Assessment: development/implementation of resident assessment tools; using information to prioritize services; developing resident service plans.
  • Health and Wellness Programming: health promotion activities; self-care management; chronic care management; transitional care and health education.
  • Partnerships with Service Providers: co-location of services; development of formal collaborations with community health and social service agencies.
  • Workforce Training: service coordinator training; property manager training around linking housing and services.
  • Technology: projects that incorporate or seek to implement assistive devices, monitoring systems, telehealth and/or electronic health records. 

Innovation Fund Deliverables

At the end of the project period, grantees will submit a report summarizing the project, including what was produced, lessons learned, successes and failures and outcomes for the residents and clients. Grantees should also submit any tools or products developed through the project.

Grantees will be asked to participate in a workshop at a LeadingAge conference and will give permission to Leading Age to disseminate their report and/or products or tools to other members.

LeadingAge Center for Applied Research staff will be in contact with each grantee about meaningful data collection appropriate to the project.

How do I apply to the Innovations Fund?

All applications must be submitted through our online application form. Budgets must use our Excel budget template, which is attached to the budget through the online application. Application reviewers may request a site visit before awarding a grant.

Timeline for the Innovations Fund

Applications will be due on or before Oct. 30, but priority consideration will be given to applications submitted by Sept. 30. Recipients will be announced in November.

What if I have Questions about the Innovations Fund?

Questions about proposals or the Innovation Fund may be sent to

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