Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Act 13 Eligible Uses of Funds

Act 13 Eligible Uses of Funds

Act 13 -  Eligible Uses of Funds

·      Tax Reductions, including homestead exclusions

·      Planning Initiatives under the Municipal Planning Code

·      Roads, Bridges, and Public Infrastructure: construction, reconstruction and maintenance.

·      Water, Storm Water and Sewer Systems: construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair.

·      Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety: law enforcement, fire services,
 hazardous material response, 9-1-1, equipment acquisition.

·      Environmental Programs: trails, parks, recreation, open space, floodplain management,
conservation districts and agriculture preservation

·      Surface Water and Groundwater: supply preservation and reclamation.

·      Affordable Housing Projects that increase availability

·      Records Management, GIS, and Information Technology

·      Social Services

·      Judicial Services

·      Career and Technical Centers for oil and gas industry training

·      Capital Reserve Fund if funds used solely for an eligible project.

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