Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program

Pennsylvania’s Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program

Authorized by Act 13 of 2012
–Competitive reimbursement grant for purchase or retrofit of natural gas vehicles
Up to $20 million over 3 years
–$10 million in FY ‘12-’13 ($5 million to local transportation organizations)
–$7.5 million in ’13-’14  (50% to local transportation organizations)
–$2.5 million in ‘14-’15
Eligible costs:
–Incremental purchase costs for new NGVs
–Retrofit costs for existing vehicles
–Equipment & installation costs only
•Ineligible costs:
–Fueling infrastructure
–Project development (engineering/FS/design)
Grant awards capped at 50 percent of incremental purchase or retrofit cost per vehicle
•Grant awards capped at $25,000 per vehicle
•Eligible vehicles:
–Dedicated CNG vehicles
–Dedicated LNG vehicles
–Bi-fuel vehicles
Fueled in part by NG and in part by diesel or gasoline
–14,000 lb. or greater GVW
•Eligible applicants:
–For-profit companies
–Non-profit organizations
–Commonwealth or municipal authorities
–Pa. Turnpike Commission
–State owned or state related universities
–Local transportation organizations
•Eligible applicants - Local Transportation Organizations
–Political subdivisions (municipalities, school districts)
–Non-profit entities providing public transportation service
–Public transportation, port, and redevelopment authorities
•Minimum vehicles per project application is 5
•All vehicles must be registered in Pa.
•All NGVs must meet EPA requirements
•Applicant must identify intent to use federal funds, if available
•Vehicles from multiple owners can be aggregated under one application
•All vehicle owners must be eligible applicants as defined by Act 13
•All vehicles in the application must be related through common, primary fueling station
•There is no threshold number of vehicles per participant in an aggregated application – but total must be at least 5
•Signed resolution among participating owners
•$300,000 grant award limit for projects using existing fueling infrastructure
•$500,000 grant award limit for projects that include construction of new fueling infrastructure
•18 month project completion period

Grant is not retroactive
Only vehicle owners can be reimbursed
Grant application period open:    12/1/12
Grant applications due:                   2/1/13

Grant awarded late March 2013
Grant period is 18 months from award date

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