Thursday, April 19, 2012

Enterprise's Pre-Development Design Grant

The first round of applications is now open – apply by May 15

Enterprise’s Pre-Development Design Grant provides funding for design exploration during the early stages of affordable housing development. Designed to precede and complement Enterprise’s Green Communities Charrette Grant, the grant seeks to raise the standard of design excellence in affordable housing by following a model executed by two community development corporations.

This pilot program will carry the project from inception to the beginning of schematic design. The process enables developers to define project goals, identify challenges, explore multiple design solutions and increase collaboration. By engaging a broader network of architects as well as a more robust development team, the grant encourages lasting changes in the pre-development design process of affordable housing. 

Design Grant Process

The timeframe for the completion of the process is four to six months.
  • Develop Timeline and Select Facilitator: Once the grant has been awarded, the CDC grantee will work with Enterprise to develop a timeline and select a facilitator from an approved list.
  • Develop Design Brief: The grantee and facilitator will jointly develop a design brief based on needs and priorities outlined in the grantee's application. See a sample design brief.
  • Invite Architects: The facilitator will work with the grantee to identify four architects selected based on their qualifications and interest in working on the development project. The CDC will organize a site visit with all of the firms.
  • Design Visioning: The architecture firms will have several weeks to develop a presentation that highlights their approach and initial ideas based on the design brief and site visit.
  • Presentation: The grantee will convene the full development team for a day-long presentation in which each team member will evaluate the architect presentations and develop a consensus on the direction and vision for the project. Pending financing and overall project feasibility, the CDC will select one architect to work with as the project moves to design development.
  • Progress Reporting: The grantee, with support from the facilitator, will complete all progress reporting and identify next steps for the project. If the grantee has demonstrated a successful design process, the project is eligible for an Enterprise Green Communities Charrette Grant to create a specific green development plan.
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