Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grants 101: What is a Grant Pass-Through Organization

Grant Pass-Through Organization
Commonly Foundations will only give money to 501 (C) 3 organizations.  These organizations have been approved by the IRS for accepting charitable donations and have them be tax deductible.  The organizations are Educational, Scientific etc., and serve a public purpose.

Some of these organizations become umbrella organizations and let other agencies use their tax status to acquire grants.  This means if you have a project that meets the guidelines, you could access the grant through another organization.


  1. Good to hear about this. I'm sure this is truly helpful for everyone who is in need of it. Thanks for sharing this great information.

  2. helps to have a pass through for a non-profit just starting out. Sometimes people have a good idea and then they get hung up in getting the tax status and it frustrates them because the process moves so so slowly.