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Availability of Technical Guidance

[42 Pa.B. 1740]
[Saturday, March 31, 2012]

Technical guidance documents are available on the Department of Environmental Protection's (Department) web site at The ''Technical Guidance Final Documents'' heading is the link to a menu of the various Department bureaus where each bureau's final technical guidance documents are posted. The ''Technical Guidance Draft Documents'' heading is the link to the Department's draft technical guidance documents.
Ordering Paper Copies of Department Technical Guidance
The Department encourages the use of the Internet to view and download technical guidance documents. When this option is not available, persons can order a paper copy of any of the Department's draft or final technical guidance documents by contacting the Department at (717) 783-8727.
In addition, bound copies of some of the Department's documents are available as Department publications. Check with the appropriate bureau for more information about the availability of a particular document as a publication.
Changes to Technical Guidance Documents
Following is the current list of recent changes. Persons who have questions or comments about a particular document should call the contact person whose name and phone number is listed with each document.
Final Technical Guidance—Substantive Revision
DEP ID: 363-2134-008. Title: Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Program Manual. Description: The Department by this notice is providing the final version of the Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Program Manual; Document No. 363-2134-008, March 2012 (Manual). The Manual includes specific guidance, performance requirements and design criteria to support the implementation of the Department's water quality regulatory requirements, including those found at 25 Pa. Code Chapter 102 (relating to erosion and sediment control).
The draft version of the Manual was announced for a 60-day public comment period at 39 Pa.B. 6121 (October 17, 2009). In response to the notice the Department received 607 comments from 24 commenters. The Department has developed a Comment and Response document that summarizes the comments received and the Department's response to the comments. The final version of the Manual reflects changes made to the draft Manual based on comments received, updating and correcting typographical errors and improving formatting, photos and drawings for clarity.
The Manual has been designed to be more user-friendly and to complement the Pennsylvania Stormwater BMP Manual; Document No. 363-0300-002, December 2006. The Manual has been revised to follow an overall approach that supports the managing of stormwater for erosion and sediment control during earth disturbance activities that are compatible with, and can be integrated into, structural and non-structural post construction stormwater management practices. Contact: Questions regarding this final guidance document should be directed to Jennifer Orr, (717) 772-5961 or
Effective Date: Upon publication as final in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.
[Pa.B. Doc. No. 12-584. Filed for public inspection March 30, 2012, 9:00 a.m.]

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