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E2 Energy to EducateSM

E2 Energy to EducateSM

Social responsibility is one of Constellation's core foundational values. We believe that providing quality educational opportunities and career development are among the most important tools to help communities succeed in the long term. As part of our commitment to education, E2 Energy to Educate Grants support projects that enhance student understanding of the science and technology needed to address energy issues, and reach and inspire students to think differently about energy.
Constellation has awarded 24 E2 grants totaling $850,000 to schools and nonprofit partners in communities where Constellation does business. These projects have reached more than 50,000 students nationwide and have included a variety of initiatives, ranging from electric vehicle competitions to designing and building a solar-powered house that produces as much energy as it uses.
We invite projects that fall within the following parameters to submit a competitive request for support: E2 Energy to Educate projects should be team oriented, learning focused, hands-on demonstration projects with specific results that reach a minimum of 100 students. Projects must align with at least one of the three energy knowledge and innovation focus areas below.
Energy Science: Building Blocks
The Science Required to Create New Energy Solutions
  • Focus on advancements in basic science needed to address energy issues
  • Further student understanding of how various scientific and engineering disciplines are part of the energy puzzle
              • Topics include: Nuclear Technology, Fossil Fuel Combustion Efficiency, Alternatives to Steam Generation
 Energy Technology: Intelligent Applications
How Energy Technology is Making it to Market
  • Focus on emerging technologies in the marketplace
  • Advance student and public understanding of what makes some technologies succeed and others fail
  • Topics include: Solar Technology, Distributed Generation, Electrical Vehicles, Energy Storage
 Energy Education: The Conscious Consumer
The Interface of IT (Information Technology) and ET (Energy Technology)
  • Defining "Smart" in "Smart-Grid" and ET (Energy Technology)
  • How information technology is transforming the way both the electric power industry and consumers think about their energy usage
  • Topics include: Home Energy Management, Smart Buildings, Energy Efficiency Verification 
Eligibility Criteria
External criteria posted to for prospective grantees to review.

  1. Organization must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit, with a Board of Directors
  2. Grant range:
    • Education Grants (6th – 12th Grade) : up to $25,000 each;
    Minimum of 3 partners, including one non-profit partner; no individual schools
    • Higher Education (2 & 4 Year Colleges): up to $50,000
      Note: Partnerships involving secondary and higher education partners are eligible for a maximum combined grant of $50,000.
  1. Applicants must include a project budget indicating how grant dollars will be spent
  2. The project must be located geographically within an area Constellation Energy does business.
  3. Employee engagement is preferred but not required
  4. Applicants must indicate diversity statistics/engagement for projects
  5. Applicants who have previously received a grant may re-apply under the following the criteria:
    • All documentation requirements are met (including a progress report)
    • Demonstrated success with previous project
    • Promoted project success and messages externally in the community
    • Demonstrate material enhancements beyond previous project scope
Note: Constellation Customers are eligible to apply however will have no competitive advantage; applications will be scored by a review committee based strictly on merit.  

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