Thursday, August 23, 2012

The NEA Foundation – Nickelodeon Big Help Grants

The NEA Foundation – Nickelodeon Big Help Grants are available in the form of Student Achievement grants to K-8 public school educators. The Big Help Grants program is dedicated to the development and implementation of ideas, techniques, and approaches for addressing four key concerns – environmental awareness, health and wellness, students’ right to a quality public education, and active community involvement.
The grants target these four concerns as areas of great promise in helping develop a sense of global awareness in 21st century students that will encourage and enable them to make a difference in their world.  Both the NEA Foundation and Nickelodeon are strongly committed to supporting the development of these skills and attributes for America’s students.

The online application process for these grants is the same as all Student Achievement grants. Interested applicants can designate their grant application for consideration for the Big Help Grant program in our online application system.  

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