Friday, May 4, 2012

Streetscape Grant Planning

You have a project that you would like to write a grant for in the near future.

What are the kinds of things you need to do????
     1. Develop a scope of work (what do you want to do?, how big on an area do you want to improve?)
     2. Speak to a landscape architect or an engineer
          a. Engineers sometimes give a sterile approach
          b. Landscape Architects are more suited for the task but will need an engineer to help
     3. Get you cost estimate from the design person
     4. Check your proposed budget with what you want to accomplish
     5. Develop a phasing program if you have a very high number to accomplish the task
     6. Choose a funding source
     7. Develop a funding scheme
     8. Check to see if there are any constraints on the funding source (prevailing wage applicable)
     9 Apply for the funding for the design costs
          a. Pay for it yourself and go to hyper drive with the project
          b. apply for a grant
     10. Complete Design and bid documents
     11. Strart construction

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